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She Bosses. She Moms. She Collabs. She Gives Back. She Makes Her Own Rules. She Trailblazes. She Dream Makes. She Risk Takes. She Motivates.

She is a cherry-on-topper. She is a non-stop rocker.

She is a glass half fuller. She is a personal domain ruler.
She is an Advice Giver. She Tackles whatever Life Gives Her.

She is a Goal Setter. She is a Go Getter. 

Whether you work from home, juggle Zoom meetings and carpools, Rock the PTO, carry the corporate torch or own a small business…or some or all of the above…you are a part of a greater consortium of women who can empathize with you and share your successes and struggles. 

SHE IS celebrates the notion that we are all a part of the same big team but we are unique in our own way. We wear a litany of hats. We make big decisions. We make lemonade with the lemons, we sprinkle our own brand of stardust wherever we go, and we DEFINITELY empathize with each other. 

SHE IS creates networking opportunities, marketing avenues, live events and online search tools where we bring together the collective minds of these amazing women to share best practices, conspire for the greater good and build long lasting relationships together in life and business. 

Where we like to say we're a little different is in our approach. We don't do the niche or clique thing. We're not the "you can sit with us" crowd. We're the "let us help you toss your stardust and spread your kindess like glitter" contingent.

So, if you believe in the spirit of kindness, creativity and collaboration coming together to do big things. This is your Collab and We are Your People.

Follow our Progress...better a part of helping us define it. We're looking for Advisory Council Members to help us grow.